The Little Red Wagon Project

Gardening, games and singing are connecting two generations through The Little Red Wagon Project.

North Brighton Kindergarten developed the project in 2015, after recognising the importance of intergenerational connectivity and community collaboration. A relationship has developed between aged-care facility Arcare on Cochrane Street and the four-year-old kinder groups. The actual wagon is used to transport gardening supplies, craft, food and/or gifts to and from Arcare.

Small groups of children are walked along Cochrane Street to visit the residents and depending on the day may perform, sing or play games like memory and ten-pin bowling. They also enjoy a morning or afternoon tea together which provides a great opportunity for children to chat with the residents. Discussion about the visits continue back at kinder, with many children wanting to make gifts to take on their next trip.

The Project also provides an opportunity for children to discuss sustainability, wellbeing, and road safety. In 2016, the kinder will make a total of 8 trips to Arcare, while residents will be invited to the kinder later in the year to enjoy a performance by the children.

NBK is grateful to Bayside City Council for its 2015 $5000 grant to establish the program.