North Brighton Kindergarten is committed to promoting a friendly, comfortable and cooperative relationship between parents and teaching staff.

The kinder has a Communication Policy that provides guidelines for communication between parents, staff and the Committee of Management (COM).

There are many ways that communication occurs at the kinder including:

  • Parents’ Handbook
  • Notice boards
  • Class parent representatives who liaise between parents, staff and COM
  • Notices in child’s kinder bag
  • Annual survey
  • A regular newsletter that details committee activity, teacher’s monthly reports and up to date information about what is happening at the kinder. This newsletter is sent to all families by email and printed copies are available upon request
  • Regular informal communication with your child’s teacher and teaching assistant
  • The planned educational program is displayed in the foyer
  • Parent/teacher interviews which are held around the middle of the year.
  • Emails

Each teacher has their own preferences as to the best time for discussions and updates with parents. At your child’s orientation session the teacher will outline their particular preference. If you have any concerns about your child at kinder please arrange a time to speak with your child’s teacher.