Parental Involvement

North Brighton Kindergarten is a community-style kindergarten, which relies upon the voluntary help of all parents to keep fees low.

Being on Duty

Children enjoy having a parent or guardian assist at Kindergarten. Parent duty rosters are placed in the foyer each term and we strongly encourage parents / guardians to help out twice a term for 3YO and 4YO. If you cannot attend yourself please either swap a day with another parent or have a grandparent/nanny etc fill in for you.

Other ways you can help with the smooth running of the Kindergarten include:

  • Being a member of the Committee of Management (COM)
  • Helping to take the children on excursions
  • Mending/sewing toys or smocks
  • Washing smocks and dress-ups
  • Reading stories, playing a musical instrument, cooking etc
  • Organizing items at home for show and tell, materials for collage and pasting – please do not throw out any interesting boxes, ribbons, wrapping paper or old clothes for dress ups
  • Participating in fundraising and social activities. Through fundraising activities in the past major projects have been undertaken, such as purchasing of new playground equipment
  • Participating in working bees.
Working Bees

Working bees may be held two or three times a year on a weekend, to maintain the Kindergarten. Work concentrates on safety factors and ensuring all the equipment is maintained in a good condition.