2019 Offers


2019 placement offers will be made after registrations close on June 30 2018, via Bayside City Council.

If you have accepted your offer from Bayside City Council for your child to attend North Brighton Kindergarten in 2019 you will need to finalise your enrolment by completing the following online form BY TUESDAY 21 AUGUST 2018:


We encourage parents to familiarise themselves with the policies of North Brighton Kindergarten. These are located in the orange folder inside the kindergarten, by the entrance. These policies contain information regarding the operation of the kindergarten and should be familiar to all families.


2019 Registrations


All Enrolments for three and four year old groups are centralised through the Bayside City Council Kindergarten Portal between May 1st 2018 and 30th June 2018.

You can register after 30th June 2018 but the registration will be deemed as ‘late’ and will not be considered until the third round of offers that go out in August/September 2018.


How old must my child be?

Your child must have turned 3 years old by 31st January 2019 to be eligible for a place in the 3 year old group.

Your child must have turned 4 years old by 30th April 2019 to be eligible for a place in the 4 year old group.

What’s next?

Once your registration form has been completed and submitted to Bayside City Council together with a registration fee of $32, you will receive an email from the council which will contain your Kindergarten Parent Portal LOGIN details. The portal will allow you to view and modify your kindergarten preferences during the two month registration period.

Places are offered during August and September 2018. You will need to accept or decline your offer via the new Parent Portal. Once you have responded, you will receive the final steps to finalising your enrolment directly from North Brighton Kindergarten.

NB: Places are offered strictly in accordance with the enrolments maintained solely by the Council. In the four year old programs, at North Brighton Kindergarten, there is a choice of groups and these are allocated through the acceptance / decline form on a first come first served basis.  Group allocation is not guaranteed and families’ preferences will be confirmed by the kinder.

It is each family’s responsibility to advise the Council of any change of contact details.


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