Your Child’s Day

The following information gives you an outline of what to expect when preparing to send your child to Kindergarten.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to speak to the teacher.


Arrival and Pick-up

Each day you arrive with your child, you are required to come inside and register the child’s name, actual time of arrival and the name of person collecting the child. On collecting your child you must write the actual time of pick-up and sign your name. This is a DET requirement so the teachers know exactly how many children are in the Kindergarten at any time. It is a legal document and must be filled out correctly.

We have found it beneficial if parents leave the room promptly after saying goodbye. Children find it easier to concentrate once their parents have left the building and it also assists those children who are having difficulty settling in.

It is important to collect your child promptly at the end of the session. It can be upsetting to be left behind when all the other children have gone. If you realise you are going to be late please call and notify the teacher. The Kindergarten has a late policy with a penalty fee for parents who are consistently late.

Please note that the Kindergarten cannot give your child over to any other person unless authorisation has been given by the parent/guardian. For this reason, on the enrolment form please put down contact names of at least two or more persons who are authorised to collect your child. Parents can update this information at any time as circumstances change.

A specific authorisation will be required to cover the rare situation that a child is not collected. This will be arranged early in Term 1.


What to Wear.

Your child will feel more confident if dressed in clothes that he/she can easily manage. Skirts and dresses make climbing difficult, and will stop girls from participating fully. Many of the activities are messy and although protective smocks are provided it is best to wear clothes that are easily washed. Toileting accidents can happen so a spare set of clothing in the kindergarten bag is a good idea (3 and 4 year olds). Spare clothes are available if needed. However, children feel more comfortable wearing their own clothes. Please name all articles of clothing and footwear.

Appropriate footwear minimises the chances of accidents. Thongs, clogs and crocs are dangerous on our surfaces outside. Shoes with leather soles can also be slippery and hazardous and are not recommended. Runners or sandals with secure straps are best for active play.


Sun Smart

The Kindergarten has adopted a Sun Smart Policy. This means your child must wear a legionnaires bucket or broad brimmed hat and sunscreen for outdoor play until 30th April and from 1 September to the end of Term 4. Please apply sunscreen before the child comes to Kindergarten. We re-apply sunscreen in the afternoon on the long days. If you child requires sunscreen for sensitive skin, please ensure a named bottle is in your child’s bag.


What to bring

All programs;

  • Water bottle (no juice or cordial)
  • Lunch box with healthy snacks and lunch (if required)
  • Large bag (labelled) to carry everything (including completed artwork)
  • Coat (labelled) in winter
  • Hat (labelled) in summer
  • Spare change of clothes (labelled), accidents happen
  • Sunscreen must be applied before children come to kinder.


Full Day Sessions

Children will need to bring a healthy lunch in a lunchbox and a drink (both labelled).

The children are not made to sleep but some ‘rest time’ helps them cope with the long day. If you have any questions regarding rest time please raise them with the staff.



Children love to celebrate their birthdays. Please send individual cakes or treats, either on the day or the nearest day. Cream cakes are not suitable and cakes must not contain nuts.