Kate Martin

Kate MartinRed Group Co-Educator

I am very fortunate to be approaching a decade working in early years education.

My experience as a co-educator with children and families in community kindergartens has been an adventure that has both excited and challenged me. Walking beside these young citizens as they explore, create, learn and navigate the world is like no other journey.

I enjoy immensely the energy and spontaneity that children and families bring to our kinder community.

In addition to working within three and four year old kinder, I have also supported children with additional needs through the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Service.

I am passionate about children expressing their ideas and experience through art, and passing on a love of books, stories and literature. I am a mother of two teenage boys and pass much of my time with a book and a cup of tea in my hand. While life is very full and busy I try to take a moment now and then to appreciate the small things and smell the flowers!